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Why Choose Us?

There are lots of revision courses out there, but here’s how we set ourselves apart:

  • Low price point:

    Our courses are offered at the price of £325, which is considerably less than £500+ most of our competitor’s charge. We are able to offer the course at this price as we are a small boutique style business with low overheads.

  • Outstanding value:

    Just because we are the cheapest doesn’t mean that you will get less value for money. We pride ourselves on providing a professional service, taking a structured approach to learning, tracking student’s progress and providing a high level of personal care to each student. We have a proven track record of raising grades through our detailed approach and breakdown of topics.

  • Approach:

    We take a structured approach to student learning. We address any key maths problem areas, set out revision material and show students how to tackle exam questions in exam conditions. This approach provides them with a solid knowledge and execution style which will equate to exam day confidence. Students are actively taught and guided throughout the course.

  • Progress tracking & completion report:

    Throughout the course we will track each student’s progress and understanding of key maths topics. At the end of the course each student will leave with a completion report and 6 week planned revision schedule.

  • 6 week revision schedule:

    The revision course will set each student up with a good level of knowledge as they enter the critical revision phase of their learning. However, successful students are the ones that fully commit to the 6 week revision timetable revising maths topics daily for a minimum of one hour for five days out of seven.

Compare Course Providers:

Provider Number of Days Hours Price
Upminster Maths 3 12 £300
Justin Craig 2 14 £410
Justin Craig 3 18 £460
Duff Miller 5 half days 20 £500
Ashbourne College 5 half days 15 £550
MPW 5 half days 20 £782
Carfax 5 half days 22 £595

*While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the above information customers should always check details before booking courses. Data refers to Easter Revision Courses for the 2016-2017 academic year, as published on individual provider websites.

Tuition at Upminster Maths

  • Very small class size
  • Experienced tutor with proven record of exam success
  • Consolidate knowledge and understanding
  • Individual personalised programme of study
  • Confidence and skill to ask relevant questions
  • Mock examinations with feedback
  • We excel at meeting the needs of the individual
  • Our knowledge, flexibility and commitment means that remarkable improvements can be made, worries resolved and confidence boosted.