Make the Grade….




“I have seen first-hand the wonders that Sue can do. I had failed my Maths GCSE 3 times BUT with much kindness, patience and a lot of faith from Sue, I was able to get the grade I needed for University. She worked at my pace and was able to break down the difficult topics for me and repeated anything I didn’t understand, until I was able to fully understand, what was being asked. I highly recommend Sue to anyone who wants to pass their maths GCSEs.”

Mel D

“When I started my GCSE’s the highest mark I was getting was a D. As soon as I arrived for tuition my nerves went away, Sue was very friendly and easy to talk to. She helped me to not only understand the extra work we were working on together but I could bring homework round or asks questions about the work I was doing in school. I’m naturally a very nervous person but I felt at ease around Sue and felt completely comfortable to ask when I didn’t understand. Sue put me at ease and had me doing advanced mathematics through simple, intuitive techniques. I felt far more confident in class and my grades were improving greatly. I finished school with a B in maths and have Sue to thank for it.”


” I would like to extend our thanks for the tutoring, support and guidance offered by Sue at Upminster Maths Tuition. She tutored my son during year 11 helping him to gain a clearer understanding of each topic within his GCSE. The individual tutoring periods and revision material provided certainly contributed to his excellent grade. I would not hesitate in recommending Sue to other parents and students.”


” When I first started maths lessons with Sue I wasn’t very confident in maths. I struggled quite a lot in the subject, but, with each lesson I got more and more confident. Sue was very patient with me and would always teach me different ways of solving problems. If there was a particular topic I didn’t understand she would go over it with me until I did (even if this was 3, 4 or even 5 times!) Sue made me feel so comfortable during lessons and confident enough to ask for help when I needed it. She would always help me to aim higher than the level I was currently working at and gave me the motivation to want to achieve more than I thought was possible. Sue also taught 3 of my friends at different time slots and we would always talk in school about how we were looking forward to our lesson that week! I would, and have, recommended Sue to anyone who is struggling in maths or just wants to boost their grade! ” Connie