Make the Grade….




Baseline Assessment will set the tutoring objectives and establish the framework for a course of tuition.
We approach each child’s learning by assessing their basic understanding of each syllabus topic against grade, so that we understand the scope of work which needs to be undertaken within the timeframe remaining of the academic year.

The baseline assessment is undertaken by each student at their beginning of the year. This is marked by the teacher and compared against the number of teaching topics within the syllabus against grade level. This allows the tutor to assess the scope of teaching required for the duration of the course.

Progress tracking allows the teacher to note areas of competence, address areas which require support and identify any hotspots which the student requires dedicated assistance with.

The lesson plan and tracking sheet will be reviewed on a regular basis with the parent to discuss achievements and set expectation for achieving the student’s goals.

 Electrontic Tracking

    • Baseline assessment ascertains current level of competency
    • Lesson plans tailored to suit individual abilities and goals
    • Progress is tracked, monitored and uploaded after each session
    • Ensures students are meeting targets
    • E-tracking sent out to parents each half term
    • Progress is clearly visible to all parties