Make the Grade….


We are approaching the half term holiday already, where did the first half term disappear to?

I wanted to touch base with you all to let you know that we will be running a Core Maths Essential Workshop over the October half term holiday.  Along with a special one-time offer for students to be part of our webinar support group.

I’m sure most you are thinking…..workshops already, the students have only just returned to school.

Upminster Maths has been reviewing the new syllabus and building sustainable strategy to make sure that all topics are covered & retained before revision season is upon us.  Here are some of our observations:

  • There is greater emphasis on problem-solving and mathematical reasoning, with more marks in the exams being allocated to these higher order skills.
  • There is an increase in content, volume and complexity.
  • Students will have to memorise formulae.
  • There are 39 weeks in the academic year (actually less due to the fact that maths exams are scheduled in for May/June).
  • Assuming a student has a baseline knowledge of level 4, they will need to cover 90 topics to work within a 33 week period.
  • That is a rate of 2.5 topics per week
  • On average two topics per week are covered within a tuition session which ensures that concepts are fully covered. If a topic is complex, then only one topic would be covered.
  • Unless students are actively practicing these topics on a DAILY basis it is difficult for students to retain this knowledge.

Upminster maths understands that students have many conflicting priorities when it come to their school work, layered on top of that many sports and musical commitments which makes it hard for students to full commit to the studying maths on a daily basis.  Some student already have gaps in their baseline knowledge and are already behind schedule.  The Core Maths Essentials Revision workshop will focus on making sure that students have a good baseline knowledge which can be built upon to understand more complex topics later in the academic year and ensuring any knowledge gaps are bridged.

We are also including a very special one-time offer to those students who attend this workshop to participate in our weekly webinar support group, where students will receive support and reinforcement of topics covered on a weekly basis via Google hangouts, this is to ensure that once a good baseline knowledge is achieved the students continue to progress and most importantly retain the required rate of 2.5 topics per week.

If you think you have knowledge gaps and would like to have the safety net of an ongoing support group please contact us before spaces fill up.


Tuition at Upminster Maths

    • Intense revision of topics
    • Maximum class size of 5 students
    • Similar ability students grouped together
    • Practice papers with feedback
    • Breaking down exam questions
    • Full support for nervous learners